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This is a wiki which is made for players to interact with each other to shear and advance there own knowledge of League of Legends. feel free to join and make your own guide's/blogs which you can edit. and others can also help improve your blogs/guide's. if you want to sign up click this link:


  • amumu
  • amumu 2

Admin members wantedEdit

hello every one i am making a competition for the admin team. the admin team will look over the wiki and make sure that every thing is legit.

how to become in the admin team:

step 1: make a guide & blog

step 2: make it look awesome!

step 3: send me (eqonox009) a link then i will pick the top 20...

step 4: the public will vote for to 9.

the rest will be revealed at a later date....

This week's theme...Edit

This weeks theme is emo. that is why eqonox's champion guide

is using amumu and also why we have photo's of amumu scttered around the place.


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